To some, love is seen as a great amount of liking to another person (of the same or opposite sex) depending on your sexuality. It is further seen to be that feeling of butterflies in the stomach constantly, just the mention of their name sends you into overdrive, and that constant craving to be with them 24/7 because of the level that they understand you on – something that nobody else understands. This is the definition that people usually explain through the feeling that they experience.

However, in spite of people defining love to be what has been said above some people still manage to get loving someone and being in love with someone mixed up which can be seen as particularly confusing. This can be seen as why falling in love is such a big thing to some people.

But personally, what do you feel that love is? The way that somebody makes you feel? The passion mixed between you and your partner? All are relevant answers but it varies depending on you as a person…

What is love? can be seen as a question that nobody can answer, nobody but you – because love is only a feeling that you can feel when you are in that situation. Love is something that stays with you throughout your whole life, and never leaves; even through the good and through the bad it stays by your side. After all, your first love is supposed to stay with you for life, right?

Do tell me, what is your definition of love?