When getting bullied by another, it is most important to tell an adult – a parent or guardian for example, or if it is happening in school hours then do tell a teacher of some sort.

In some people’s eyes, bullying is only done because of the likes of insecurities of that particular person so they take their jealousy out on another or because they have nothing much better to do – which for the latter option can be a reason on why bullying isn’t always taken seriously; as it could just be seen as a joke.

Bullying can be taken extremely far; and some people cross over the imaginary line in going too far – and in some instances examples can end up in court. A fairly recent case of bullying in a work ‘environment’ has resulted in two workers, who take care of older people with the likes of dementia, being in jail.

This can prove what bullying can end up being; bored people not being able to control themselves in strong environments after years of being seen as a horrible person.

Ultimately I’d say that your best bet would be to;

  1. not fight back or allow the other person to see how much they may hurt you.
  2. Tell an adult or a teacher; all depending on your environment.
  3. Remember that you are better than that person.
  4. Stay strong.

Stay strong and keep a positive mind and you will survive it all.