Many people are not too keen on expressing themselves because they are afraid – afraid of being laughed at, being judged etc. As to many people in this generation, new things are scary and not always understood which is why some believe that the likes of homophobia and sexism exists.

In this generation, if something is not understood then it can only be seen that many people continuously make fun of it until it rubs off on many others and so on. This is what makes it so much more difficult for people to express themselves, because of the fear of what will come after. A good example would be, that it’s definitely what makes it that much more troubling for those of another sexuality to “come out of the closet” – as of the generation that we live in, and the repercussions of such an act because of it not being understood. As this has not been understood for many many years.

Meanwhile some are scared to express themselves because they are much happier pretending to be something else; as it helps them with the likes of their confidence and it even makes them feel much more comfortable in their own skin. This can be only so much more brilliant, because it is your mind and you can be whoever and whatever you want to be regardless of the likes of your upbringing and current life.

In a generation that can be viewed as only a mess, and a year with so much darkness linked to it – what would make people want to come clean about who they truly are?

Why be honest about yourself in a period of such dishonesty?