Happiness, where to start with a definition of such a big word? Happiness will have a different definition depending on the person because to be happy may differ depending on who is speaking.

One person may believe that a definition of happiness is just to “constantly have a smile on your face” but another for example may believe that happiness is “being surrounded by loved ones, who give you a reason smile” or the favourite may be a cliche of just “knowing everything will be alright.

It may be questionable to some people what happiness is, because smiles can be fake – and as such so can happiness in some people’s opinions so how is best to define such a word?

Is happiness something that can have only a single definition the same as many other words – or is it just the same as defining the likes of emotions? Countless definitions, only depending on the person to say their own true definition…

What do you believe happiness is? Something that can be defined as a fact, or something that can only be defined by you – depending on your emotions at a specific time and the said expressions on your face?

Do get in touch, and enlighten me with your own ideas.