As another day goes by, another person wants to start a diet – on the stereotype of somebody feeling too “fat” or too “thin” so that person wants to make a change to their life and to their lifestyle which can sometimes lead to things worse for wear.

The likes of eating disorders such as anorexia, and bulimia are huge problems in the 21st century and not many people truly understand them so they are usually just ‘brushed under the carpet‘ and not spoken of. All because to some, these disorders (bulimia for instance) are seen as ‘mental health problems‘ and this just becomes a bigger and bigger problem every day as of people being too scared to speak out.

People that are considered too “fat” or too “thin“, who cares? As long as you’re happy with how you look, that is what matters. As long as you are in a situation that does not put your life at risk or endanger your health in any way then that is what should be the main thing – definitely not how you believe others think of you, because is it their life?

It is your life, you have to change or stay the same because you live with that choice.

Change for yourself if need be, not for anybody else – after all who cares what anybody else has to say about the matter?