It’s that time of the year again where people often say that cliche of it’s a “new year so a new me“, admit it – even you’ve said it. Right? Even if not those key words then you’ll of thought of a new years resolution, even if you’ve not gone through with it.

Who cares if you do not go through with it? People are supposed to love you for you, not what you try to change about yourself each year. Why try to be something that you are not?

This has became such a cliche because so many people go through with it year on year and then complain about the fact that nobody ever sticks to their resolutions – well so what? Why should people stick to their resolutions? Maybe it’s just a sign that you are perfect as you are – and that no new year should change you.

I personally think a new year should celebrate the you that is staying the same; after all – you should love yourself as you are, and not try to change into something that others want you to be.