The younger generation in this century, needs to learn a limit on alcohol because of how major some people can take the drinking. Those of a younger age in this drinking generation would cross a line in many people’s eyes because of how they act; for example 1) those who get thrown out of clubs for example for being too drunk, 2) those who believe that people who work in clubs are worthy of being spoken to in a bad way. 

This much drinking can be a lot worse, as a lot of drinking (at this rate in particular) can also increase obesity rates. Naturally this is not a good thing, because of how bad alcohol is in particular – but with it being such a popular area in today’s world, it can be seen that it is a contributing factor to obesity rates rising. 

All of this can be seen as a normal teenager/young adult just living their life, but in many people’s eyes it can be seen as particularly dangerous. This could be helped of alcohol rates going down in figures, by a lot less promotion – online, on advertisements in the street etc, as this makes people want to take part in alcohol procedures all the more because it can be seen as everybody else taking part. So thus, it would be perhaps viewed as the “cool” thing to do.

If all of this cuts down in rates, then a lot more of a younger audience would be a lot healthier – as well as a lot happier. 

This would be because obesity would be lessening, which would encourage more to try to help themselves if this is the case for that person – and this could thus perhaps be how people view alcohol drinking. Changing alcohol binging to trying to change major obesity rates.