In the likes of relationships in the 21st century, there are limits that people are uncomfortable with knowing and discussing with fear of how their partner for example may react.

With sexual intercourse for example, for the first time, some do not know when they are ready so thus a limit is set of when that person feels they ought to say no. So this could create an invisible line perhaps that another person does not know if they are crossing.

This creates situations of people feeling they are being pressured into situations because some do not know when they are ready perhaps, and some do not want to say no because of things like;

  1. Feeling frightened.
  2. Being afraid of disappointing their partner.

Therefore, in the likes of relationships – you need to be open about things like this with your partner so that there is a sense of a “connection” which will both improve your relationship and your sense of comfort when you are being intimate. It will improve because it will help you become closer in your relationship, allowing the sense of trust between the both of you to be heightened so thus helping your relationship be that bit better.

Allow yourself to feel free and to feel comfortable, and you can feel incredible – know your limits, and be happy.