In the generation of the 21st century, some things are not too popular amongst a greater crowd – for example, what may be fine with a younger crowd may not be with those older and vice versa. Unfortunately, this is considered the case for sexuality for a lot of people – because they are not necessarily considered ‘okay‘ with those who are classed as the likes of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).

Usually those who do not appear fine with this, are only because they have been raised thinking that it’s not alright and that it is strange because only a girl and a boy are allowed to begin a relationship and marry in their eyes, and then perhaps start a family etc. So maybe for good reason they believe this, but would it really be considered fair to lash out on others because of your own beliefs? Let’s paint a picture, you are 40 years old and have two children – and one of them informs you that they are homosexual, would your opinion be different then? Because they are your own flesh and blood? If yes, does that make it fair on others who are homosexual? If no, then why not?

If you are a lesbian or seen as gay, then in so many people’s eyes this is still considered fine – and so it should be. You are still human, and all that you ought to have is the love that anybody who is considered straight should have – you are not diseased and do not have anything the matter with you so why should you be treated any differently? You’re only human after all.

If you are homosexual and are scared to tell your friends and family maybe, then just take a deep breath and tell them so that once this news is out and in the clear then you can smile and keep on celebrating you. Only, you will be celebrating the better version of you because you will be being honest and that will only feel so much better for you – and you can have the happiness that you truly deserve.

You are amazing, do not forget it.