So the time has come again, time to go onto your holiday with that slimmed down body so that you can lounge around in your swimsuits looking as incredible and happy as you wish. Sound familiar? No? Don’t lie, we’ve all been there at one point or another just hoping for that body to break out and take place.

But how many of you actually go through with the process of slimming down to look good in your relaxing period? Should it actually matter what you look like just because of a holiday? Why should you have to completely change for up to a week away?

The less people that go through with this in my eyes is for the better, as when you’re on a holiday you don’t want to be feeling uncomfortable and wishing you hadn’t gone through with the plan – you want to be able to just relax and feel happy where you are, basking in the sun. Stay as how you look on a daily basis for your holiday and you’ll feel a million times better – after all why should other’s opinions dictate how you look for your life?

There are constant articles online on how to get the perfect holiday body, but in my eyes it’s a stupid thing to listen to because nobody but you should be able to decide when you change something about you.

The things you hate will be the things that others love; particularly whilst you embrace these things whilst loving your holiday.

Embrace you, love yourself.