Everyone has heard about the stereotypical long distance relationship, of being too far away for your hearts content – thus ‘breaking up‘ and falling in love with another eventually. Breaking up because you cannot live so far apart…

Why should this be the case?

You’re in love with your partner, why should you have to finish your relationship together and lose the one you love for the simple matter of distance? If your answer is because it’s hard, then should you really be in that relationships? Even the matter of relationships are difficult, it’s how you overcome the problems within them that matters. Distance is only another problem that you have to overcome.

Whether the distance is 4 minutes or 4 hours, what counts is how you both try to solve the difficulties and doing this together is what can make your relationship just that tiny bit more special. It can do this because you’re ultimately trying to save your relationship and working together to do this, not pushing the other away instead.

If you love this person, trust, respect and support them whilst your long distance is happening – then once you are together, you’ll find that you are an incredible couple that will have a relationship that is worth fighting for.

If you are in a long distance relationship, even though they may be particularly difficult, to some it can only give that much more of a reason to love even harder and to appreciate the time that is spent together that little bit more. However, understandably some people struggle with not seeing their partner a lot and feel lonely and sad, and unfortunately they sometimes lash out or find another person so they can feel better about themselves. This can be seen to be rather common and usually why long distance relationships have such a negative outlook on them.

Which long distance relationship do you want; the good, or the bad?

Break the stereotype of a long distance relationship, and do not let distance keep you and your lover apart.