In life, what you expect to deserve for yourself and what you actually get are two different yet important things. This is the case because people can expect them to be the same thing. In the likes of relationships for example, some males and females may expect their partner to look like Channing Tatum or Kim Kardashian and thus be as successful as them – based on the belief that they deserve the best of the best.

However with this mindset, some people would miss out on the genuine things in life because they may dismiss a person on the same wavelength as them when they ought to be acknowledging that persons love for them. This can ensure that some people do not see the things that are in front of them worth seeing through having the belief that they belong somewhere else/have another life in a better surrounding.

If this is the case, then that person ought to be looking at their own surroundings and realising that this is not the case. When this realisation happens, they then need to start changing the little things around them – including the likes of their attitude and the people they surround themselves with/date.

Later on in life you would only reflect on this; the moments where you’ve went wrong – your appearance would be diminished seeing that your ‘perfect person‘ wasn’t who you imagined them to be.

Why believe that you deserve things like this, when you can have the best of the best for a better cause – right in front of you? The best of the best may well be somebody the opposite of the successful – be yourself, and you’ll find out.