How exactly can you tell yourself if you like another male/female, in a way that is more to do with a relationship than just being friends?

Do you find yourself constantly wanting to be around that person, constantly thinking about them, always staying up late messaging them (telling them about anything and everything; just to continue a conversation), always being more than happy when they interact with you in some way?

The only catch is that you have to decide whether it is actual feelings for that person or not.

Perhaps you feel reluctant to tell that person, because you are scared of getting rejected with them maybe not feeling the same way that you do. All you need is a calm heart (not vodka) and the perfect moment to tell the other, perhaps when you feel a connection is apparent – and even if they do not feel that way then who cares?

Just because they do not feel that way, there is always a possibility that there is just a matter of time before they do. There is also always the chance that you will find somebody who is a million times better than that person and who will make you happier than they ever could have.

Embrace your feelings, as if they end wrong – then around the next corner will be somebody who will make you laugh for ever being upset by these times.