How do you know when its time for you to move out of your family house; the place where you made so many memories growing up as a child?

Have you got the most out of the town where you have grown up? Have you received the likes of an education, made life long friends, and are heading in the right direction to have a job that you deserve/get further education like in university?

If you have the right/proper skills to fend for yourself; for example cleaning and cooking as well as feeling as mentioned in the prior paragraph – then perhaps it may be time to start looking to feel the way to move out. Or do you feel this way but allow yourself to be ‘babied’ by your mother and/or father?

Looking at university may be difficult in terms of deciding which to go to/doing your personal statement or saying goodbye to your friends/family.  Whilst looking into this for the further education, be careful with your student finance – and be sure to look into perhaps getting a job because your loan may not cover your rent and your life in whichever term of the year.

Make sure you know who to go to if things go wrong; whether it be with maintenance or financial difficulties. Never be afraid of asking for help. Everyone does at some point.

Enjoy life, whether it be at university, your own home or staying on further at your family home until you feel you are ready to be free.