What should it matter what colour our skin is? What should it matter what colour any other person’s skin is?

We’re all human, we’re all the same.

Racism in the 21st century is just becoming disgraceful, why is it necessary really? It’s only becoming worse, because of how some adults/children are brought up from their childhood years. Unneeded words are spoken, hurtful things are said – when people need to realise that each and every person is the same.

Some horrible words are used to describe people with another skintone to their body, and it is not taken seriously because of the way the words are used in this generation. To some they are used in the likes of a lot of popular songs, and they are even used in simple conversation. As of this, everybody starts to think that it’s okay to speak like this – without realising who it can actually hurt. Even if the phrasing is used for just some fun; it’s still the case.

Why should anybody be favourited because of how they were born? What should it matter? 

Would you want your child to grow up in a world like this, feeling hurt and possibly even getting bullied/taking part in bullying to make someone else feel low about their colour? 

It’s wrong, and it’s horrible. It needs to stop now.