Valentine’s Day, the day that you either learn to love or hate each year – all depending on your relationship status in most cases? The real question is however, is it supposed to be a day of love or a day for the commercial aspect – for those in the likes of relationships?

Would you really want to be showered with gifts, that are considered to be tacky, by your partner all day when the better present in many people’s eyes would be spending the day with them? All for the gift of enjoying time with your loved one. That would surely sound more appealing.

Or would you need the gifts from your partner, to reassure and remind you of their love for you? When in reality, many couples would be thrilled with the prospect of a night in with perhaps  a takeaway meal – knowing that nobody will be able to spoil the night that is dedicated to each and every couple.

Many struggle with the day because of issues of not knowing what gifts to purchase for their significant other; ranging from the likes of meal dates down to underwear. However more struggle because of their relationship status being classed as single – which saddens some, but in others eyes it’s just another night with reason to go and drink alcohol instead of feeling lonely if all of their friends are loved up.

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is a day that is supposed to be dedicated to the adoration that you have for your partner – so it would thus be in your decision on how to show this love.  

How would/do you celebrate the day? What are your views on the day; is it supposed to be commercial or a day just for time together? 

Comment below and tell me your thoughts.